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What is a home inspection. People choose to buy real estate based on factors including location, appearance, style, value, etc. Few people make a purchase decision based on condition. It is easy to say "I'll fix that", or, "All this house needs is a coat of paint". There was a time when real estate was less expensive, and homes were purchased with out concern about defects. If one was unlucky enough to get a house with significant problems, they suffered with the problems. In the 1960's, many post world war 1 homes were sold as their owners retired. Some of these homes were poorly constructed or were not well maintained. Many home buyers faced significant expenses because of these defects. This is when pre-purchase home inspections began to become popular. Today, housing is older, more expensive, and there are many concerns that were not even issues when the houses were built.

Having a pre-purchase home inspection performed by a licensed certified home inspector who provides a complete analysis report, has become essential. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments of life, so don't make your largest purchase your most costly mistake! To reduce the possibility of unpleasant surprises and unexpected difficulties, home buyers must know about the condition of the home, co-op or condo before purchasing. Diamond Home Inspections will identify the deficiencies that need attention, either immediate or in the future. By this detailed home inspection you will receive a comprehensive report about the home, so that you can make the decision with confidence. If you are already a home owner, than Diamond Home Inspections can identify all problems and suggest preventive measures that will help you to avoid any costly repairs in the future. If you are looking to sell, than Diamond Home Inspection services will give you the opportunity to get repair estimates that will put your house in better selling condition. Diamond Home Inspections is an objective, professional company who will issue the buyer the information needed to make an informed decision.

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